Just lovin’ it!

Flocks of Gringos are moving to Mexico, and many want to share the joy of their great new life with folks back home. They write blogs! Here is a typical example.

First, background: John and Jane sold their BMW dealership in California and moved to San Miguel de Allende in 2007. Fifi came too. They drove down in the M6 convertible.

They bought a small home near the Jardín for only $3.5 million (dollars, not pesos). Since they sold their Marin County home for $10 million, they were astounded by cheap Mexican prices. A maid was swiftly found, and her name is Juanita. She’s 15.

Here is a photo of Juanita.

Jane writes the blog.

John prays to God his crackpot mother-in-law won´t visit. Her name is Mabel, and she hails from Paris, Texas.

She´s quite fond of sour mash and snuff.

The blog is named Living in Mexico and Loving It to Death, which is a very typical name for Mexico blogs written by Gringos.

Okay, let´s go directly to Jane’s latest blog entry.

* * * *

John and I are so happy that mother arrived last night!! She will be here for a month!! She has never been to San Miguel, but we know she will love it as much as we do!!

The people are so friendly!! We love the culture!!

The first thing we did was go out for tacos last night!! John and I eat lots of tacos!! And we love them!! All Mexican food is soooo fresh and healthy!! And the people are so friendly!!

Our three plates of tacos only cost $45 (dollars, not pesos)!! José and María who own the taco stand are always smiling at us!! They love to see us coming!!

They are super friendly!!

Then, after our supper of tacos, mom and I sat in the Jardín for a while. Mom was thrilled at the Havana cigar she bought!!

John and I love watching the Mexican families walking in the Jardín, hand in hand with their six children, always smiling because their lives are so authentic and real.

But John had to hurry back to the house to give Juanita instructions on polishing the silver we bought last year during our visit to Taxco!!

John has taken a real fatherly shine to Juanita and tries to help her at every opportunity!! Juanita is very friendly!!

Here is a photo of mama. Since dad went over that Malibu cliff in ’98, mama has really come into her own!!

She’s a firecracker!!

She loves the San Miguel clothes I bought for her!! She looks so auténtico!! Yes, I have been studying Spanish!!

We will drive to Querétaro tomorrow to show mom that beautiful nearby city full of friendly Mexicans. And we’ll eat pollo con mole!!

John says he will stay home because Juanita says she needs help changing the sheets.

Everytime we go to Querétaro, somebody crashes into us!! It’s a good thing we traded in the convertible for the Hummer because whoever hits us gets the stick’s short end!!

People drive crazy in Mexico. We know it’s a cultural thing, so we can’t say anything bad about it. It´s not better or worse. It’s just different!!

And, of course, everybody drives crazy in the United States. Whenever we see something crazy in Mexico, it makes us feel better to say it’s just as crazy in the United States too!!

In September our daughter Tiffany and son-in-law Brad will visit again!! They will bring our grandbaby Angel with them!!

She is a real angel, just the most precious little hunk of hugs and love you have ever laid your eyes on.

Here’s a photo of Angel!!

She´s recovered from the last visit.

You’ll remember that Juanita gave her a spin in the Maytag while we weren’t looking, trying to get the freckles off.

Angel’s bruises weren’t too bad, and we did not blame Juanita. Oh, no!! It was just a cultural difference, and you can’t blame her for that.

It’s not worse or better. It’s just different!!

And the same thing goes on in the United States!!

Tiffany says the three of them will stay just two nights next time. Whenever we tried to enjoy the Jardín in the evening with them during the last visit, Brad would vanish!!

Juanita told us the following week that Brad was very helpful hanging the wash on the line during those very evenings.

4 thoughts on “Just lovin’ it!

  1. Felipe, you are hilarious! I’ve read many expat blogs over the past couple of years and you hit the nail on the head. I’m hoping I won’t become like that once I move down there. Well, one thing’s for certain, I won’t be selling or buying a multi-million dollar house, nor will I be driving an M6.

    Regards, Troy


  2. Thank you, Felipe — is that a real name ? I want to be sure, so when I move to San Miguel, I get the Spanish names correcto. Your article is soooooo insightful — but some Gringos (is that right word for us who move to Mexico because we can boss the locals around as long as we spend money?) think it’s a joke, but I KNOW it is a true article. I know other Gringas who live in San Miguel & they’re just like those wonderful people you describe. I hope to MEET Juanita also & hire her to keep my “house.”


    1. Hi, Uda. No, Felipe is a nom de internet. Is Uda your real name?! It’s an interesting one. Thanks for the positive feedback. As for your hiring Juanita one day, you may not find her specifically, but there will be lots like her ready to make your acquaintance and even work for you if the price is right.


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